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Happy New Year from the Whiskey Bravo office!

18th January 2020

As of 6th January, the core team has gone from two to three, with me (Kate) joining the team as Event Coordinator and Administrator. This is an exciting development in the expansion of what we can offer, and means that Ian and Mick can really ‘get out there’ to supervise the events and offer the bespoke consultation we are known for, while all the paperwork gets done in the background. We hope that means we can keep building our client relationships, as well as finding exciting new projects to work on!

I’m joining the team from a Project Management background, and have worked on and around events for the past 15 years. I am really looking forward to learning about all the existing events Whiskey Bravo have been working on in more detail, as well as reaching out for more business – winter and spring will be all about the admin for me, but I’m raring to get out to events too, and will be returning to my role with Event Control at several of the summer festivals – so hopefully I won’t just stay a name on a screen, but will be getting my face out there too… I’m already looking for a suitable campervan to buy (I didn’t need much excuse) and working out what adventures I can fit in around the festivals I know I’ll be out at!

Ian and Mick are straight back into meetings this week after having a bit of time off with family over Christmas and New Year – we are already supporting licence applications for some potential new summer events around the country (watch this space for details, it’s all on the down-low at the moment), drawing and updating site maps and pulling things together for events such as Brighton Pride!

2020 is going to be an exciting year