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National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) and Vision2025

13th February 2020

As of the beginning of this year, we are proud to formally be members of the NOEA, who are championing good practice in the Events Industry.

This is a great way for us to be connecting with other event professionals and to be able to share knowledge and best practice to keep all our events safe, secure and sustainable.

Our first pledge is to the Vision2025 campaign, which aims to inspire and support a 50% reduction in the environmental impact of events by 2025.

Environmental sustainability is a real buzz word at the moment, and it is important for us to ask what this actually means ‘on the ground’ in relation to events. The key areas of focus are: Energy; Waste; Food; Water; Travel and Governance. We plan to use their resources to (anonymously) measure the impact of our events this year and start working with our clients to put measures in place to reduce the environmental impact of the events we are involved with.

We hope that by taking small incremental steps, building relationships with suppliers and initiating conversations, Whiskey Bravo can be known as a key figure in events sustainability in years to come.